To install add-ons for WOW Classic via Twitch

  • To install add-ons for WOW Classic via Twitch, you allegation to download the Twitch app if you don’t already accept it installed on your computer. Already the app is installed, accessible it and login or actualize an account. Already in the app, go to the mods breadth and bang on World of Warcraft; this will accompany up all of the WOW Classic Gold addons. By default, the page will appearance you addons for the retail adaptation of the bold and WOW Classic all in one.

    If you can’t acquisition the Classic WOW adaptation of the book path, afresh Twitch isn’t registering that you accept Classic WOW installed. Don’t worry, there’s an simple fix to this. Artlessly bang on the cog attribute next to the box and if the drop-down agenda appears, bang 'Scan for installed games'. Already the browse is complete, you will be able to baddest Classic WOW as an advantage and get active installing your add-ons.

    The annual of application Twitch over manually installing the add-ons is that you can see which add-ons are popular, and use that advice to barometer whether you could annual from its utilization. Twitch will aswell alert you if an addon needs afterlight and all you accept to do is advance a button and the amend will be installed.

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