Juliet will assuredly acclamation up and auspiciously

  • To alpha the event, go to her abode which is amid in the west of Varrock Square and go up to the balustrade to allocution to Juliet about her woes.After accepting a chat with her, arch to the allowance that’s off to the east and allocution to Phillipa, Juliet’s accessory who will again acquaint you to go to IffieNitter, the knitter that manages the Thessalia’s Fine Clothes store.

    Now this is area it gets interesting! Iffie hints that to OSRS Gold put a smile aback on Juliet’s face, you (your character) care to abrasion a brace of cat ears! To acquisition the materials, either adjust a pet cat or accept Gertrude to get apart cat hair.

    Afterward, acknowledgment to Iffie and accord the apart cat hair to her to achieve you a brace of cat ears.Once you’ve gotten the goods, acknowledgment to Juliet cutting these aerial and allocution to her to acclamation her up.Performing blessed emotes (spin, dance, jig) helps as well!

    In the end, Juliet will assuredly acclamation up and auspiciously host a altogether party—thanks to you! While the alone accolade that you’ll get for www.lolga.com accomplishing this adventure is a brace of cat ears, it’s nonetheless a fun acquaintance to bless Old Academy RuneScape’s 7th birthday.