Tarantula Islands are out and Scorpions Islands

  • And you genuinely need that scorpion cash as they're one of Animal Crossing Items the maximum valuable creatures you may catch. Each scorpion will net you a fab 8000 bells, so having an stock chockful of scorpions is definitely well worth it. However, like tarantulas, scorpions are uncommon and don't spawn as commonly as a stinkbug or dragonfly. Thankfully, just like tarantulas once once more, there are steps you can take to growth your probabilities of finding them.

    Because tarantulas have been retired till October, Tarantula Islands are out and Scorpions Islands are in. After 7 PM, purchase a Nook Miles Ticket for 2000 Nook Miles from the Nook Stop - that's a whole lot of Nook - and hand it over to Orville at the airport to fly to a thriller island. If you're fortunate, you'll land on Scorpion Island and can begin to swing your net round and trap scorpions in your heart's content material. But the chances of that going on on every occasion you board a flight is quite low.

    More regularly than now not, you'll land on a regular thriller island with Miyea plenty of bushes, rocks, and flora. But don't worry, with a bit work and effort you may turn that lovely spot of nature into a scorpion-crammed hellscape. Chop down the bushes, dig up the trunks, damage the rocks, and do away with all of the vegetation and weeds. You need to be left with a barren wasteland, that's the right vicinity for scorpions to spawn. This may be executed with maximum islands, however it works the first-class with flat islands that simplest have one stage and little to no rivers or ponds. These are generally the islands in which bamboo is abundant.