555112-102 Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Digital Pink

  • Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Digital Pink is white as the base, the white shoe body is covered with a turquoise stone upper, the lake green and cherry blossom powder details are embellished, fresh and pleasant and extremely sweet, super suitable for spring Upper foot. The blue outline of the flying wing logo and the polka dot shoelace are quite chic. The pink details in the tongue or midsole can be said to be full of fresh wind, which adds color and vitality to the entire pair of shoes. Original built-in air cushion module, A model outsole, first layer calf leather.

    Jordan Sale USA have a grey-blue checkered pattern, and hot-melt leather is added on the outside of the forefoot to reinforce it. The midsole uses a full palm lengthened and thickened Air Soe air cushion PhyIon foam cushioning. The outsole is a practical circular pattern, and the shoe has a crystal outsole along the outside. 1: 1 material, MD combination outsole, with full palm air cushion + heel small air cushion, quality assurance. Converse All-Star series low-top canvas shoes used old smoked beggar shoes, new old fabrics, to create high-end and retro small dirty shoes . The shoe body is deliberately dirty and old, the upper foot is old and the high street is full of feelings, causing the trendy people who love Converse to start to show their feelings.

    New Jordan rich color combinations and intricate stitching display are important details.Sacai x Dior x Nike LVD Waffle Daybreak jointly deconstructed the high-end running shoes in gray and black. The heel design is rich in layering and the style is very distinctive. It is very harmoniously blended with the vintage, and it is full of sincerity. Converse Kimura's one-star flip fur shoes are red, and the original ratio data base is newly developed independently, and the colorless midsole is correct. The most correct PU silicon blue midsole in the market, high clean processing quality inspection OEM quality.