Rocket League is currently available for Linux

  • The release of AquaDome in October will coincide with the release of Rocket League Trading two new paid DLC Battle-Cars: Triton and Proteus. They'll fee $1.Ninety nine every.

    AquaDome could be playable in casual and competitive playlists. Psyonix promises more information on October's upload-on content material soon, however you can take a look at out the new underwater arena in movement within the trailer above.

    Rocket League is currently available for Linux, Mac, PlayStation four, Windows PC and Xbox One. And if AquaDome has you hankering for greater underwater movement, 2K Games released a collection featuring BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite for PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One closing week.

    One week after Rocket League’s “Blueprints” update removed the game’s random loot crates, the in-game fees of those blueprints are getting an across-the-board reduce, and gamers are even receiving differential refunds for the ones they picked up inside the beyond week.

    Psyonix announced the new fee structure in a network notice nowadays, acknowledging that the first pricing scheme “did now not meet network expectancies.” But in the Blueprints’ first week, gamers blanched on Rocket League Items Prices the excessive value of some objects — including ones costing 1,000 or 2,000 credits. Rocket League’s credit are a top rate forex that roughly equals $1 in keeping with one hundred.