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  • yuyao jinghaiboo Mist Pump Manufacturers Share The Hardness Range Of Steel Balls The hardness of the steel ball is determined by the steel balls made of different materials. Common steel balls are stainless steel balls, bearing steel balls, carbon steel balls, and hard alloy steel balls. Mist Pump Manufacturer will introduce what causes steel balls of different materials to have different hardness? The hardness of the steel ball is directly affected by the heat treatment process, that is, quenching and tempering. In the heat treatment process, after the bearing steel ball is quenched and tempered, the internal metallographic structure changes, so the hardness also changes. However, the stainless steel ball cannot be heat-treated. Since stainless steel is an austenitic steel, its own conditions restrict the heat-treatment process. Why are the hardness of steel balls different? Due to the effect of heat treatment, the hardness of the bearing steel ball can reach HRC55-HRC62. The hardness of stainless steel balls that cannot be heat-treated is HRC28-HRC35. The application range of steel balls with different hardness is not the same. When buying steel balls, you can choose to use steel balls of different materials according to your environment. The above content is organized and shared by Steel Balls Manufacturer , hoping to help those in need.
    May 22, 2020

  • morgan yhddb Composition Of Single Phase Meter For single phase meters, many people should have seen them. We all know that single-phase ammeters are used to measure current consumption. Do you know the components of single phase meter ? The single phase meter uses the eddy current generated by the voltage and current coils on the aluminum plate to interact with the alternating magnetic flux to generate electromagnetic force, which makes the aluminum plate rotate, and at the same time introduces the braking torque, so that the aluminum plate speed is proportional to the load power. It is driven by gears, and the number of turns of the turntable is calculated by the counter to measure the electric energy. Therefore, the main structure of the watt-hour meter is composed of voltage coil, current coil, turntable, shaft, brake magnet, gear, counter, etc. Although there are still a lot of single phase meters in use now, after the emergence of electronic energy meters, the calculation of electronic energy meter has become more accurate, and more and more families use electronic electric
    Jan 6