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  • huzhou fuji China Bed Elevator Supplier Shares How To Install Elevators Now with the development of science and technology, there are more and more high-rise buildings now, and the problem of elevators will follow. Everything will have its service life, so how many years can the elevator be used, and then China Bed Elevator Supplier will give you a brief explanation. 1. The life of the elevator is determined according to our maintenance level. If we need to maintain the elevator well, it can be used for 20 years, but it can be used for a period of time after passing the regular inspection. If the inspection fails, Will be obsolete. 2. There are many types of elevators. The most widely used ones are the elevators between floors. At present, all high-rise buildings are equipped with such elevators. We will regularly check the use of the elevator. Do not shake the elevator, which will cause the elevator to rise and fall. The rope has a failure effect and service life. 3. The installation of the elevator is the same. The better the general brand elevator, the more comfortable it will be when riding. The maintenance of the elevator and the service life of the elevator have a great relationship with the brand, quality, daily maintenance and correct use of the elevator. The service life of the general elevator is about 15 years. The above content is organized and shared by the Escalator Supplier , hoping to help those in need.
    June 24, 2020