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  • morgan yhddb What Is The Structure Of The Electromechanical KWh Meter? With the rapid development of modern technology, there are more and more types of electric energy meters With this situation, Electromechanical KWh Meter has entered the public's field of vision. The mechatronics meter is based on the 1.0-level induction system electric energy meter movement, adopts the pulse output of the infrared photoelectric converter and the MCU circuit of the central processing unit, and uses the attached keyboard programming or infrared wireless keyboard to perform various demands, clocks, and time periods. With the setting of work and holiday days, with pulse output for metering and load monitoring, RS-485 carrier, and remote communication interface, the all-electronic meter is a stationary solid-state electric energy meter without any mechanical moving parts. It is composed of voltage mutual inductance. It is composed of modules such as power converter, current transformer, high-precision, and high-speed A/D converter, special integrated circuit for electric energy measurement, real-time clock data memory, large-screen LCD driver and display data communication interface, switching power supply, and other modules. In the case of good configuration, compared to some older meters, the accuracy of both functions and calculations will be much better. However, a household name like the three phase meter has relatively few functions, but its quality is still better. of.
    Mar 3