Led Street Light Housing Manufacturers Introduces The Character

  • Led Street Light Housing Manufacturers introduces the characteristics of LED street lights:

    1. The appearance is simple and stylish, the appearance adopts anodized, integrated design of heat dissipation device and lamp housing, and good corrosion resistance and heat dissipation performance. The profile has a large area, beautiful appearance, and good waterproof. The main part of the lamp body can be customized according to the needs of customers.
    2. Shell structure: Special street lamp shell structure design, so that the flow of wind can accelerate the heat dissipation effect, while reducing the wind resistance, reducing the pressure load of the lamp pole, the special mounting bracket structure design, the lamp head irradiation angle can be flexibly adjusted.
    3. Structural waterproof function: the unique structure is conducive to the discharge of water on the shell, and the new type of waterproof silica gel can ensure the airtightness of the lamp and ensure no water and dust;
    4. Superior heat dissipation structure: the radiator is integrated with the lamp body, and the thickened aluminum material can improve the instant heat conduction; the heat dissipation in the middle of the whole structure is better than the two sides, so as to achieve the effect of uniform heat dissipation, and make the whole street lamp more in use. stable. ??

    Through the above introduction, High Quality Street Light Housing Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.